How To Know If The Clutch On A Top-Loading Washing Machine Is Broken

The washer has become an indispensable part of most homes and it is difficult to imagine a life without this hard-working residential appliance. However, a problem with this house appliance can easily throw your whole schedule into disarray. A common problem that you can face with your top loading machine is a broken clutch system. The clutch system of the washer is responsible for moving the internal tub of the machine. It is also responsible for the movement of the agitator during the washing process. The clutch system in the washer plays a role similar to that of the clutch in a manual transmission car. However, due to regular use, the clutch can get damaged. In such situations, you should get help from a washer repair technician, as replacing the clutch is not easy. The washer technician has several years of experience in troubleshooting washer repair and service issues. The washer repairman also has the tools required to diagnose the problem and replace the internal component of the machine. In the meantime, you could diagnose the problem yourself and carefully examine the washer actions.

top load washing machineStep 1

Start the washer and run through the normal washing cycle. When running the machine, don’t put clothes in the household appliance.

Step 2

Pay close attention to the filling sequence of the washer. Wait till the washer tub is full.

Step 3

Listen to the noise of agitation when the washing process starts. If you don’t hear the moving sound of the agitator, it indicates that the clutch is either damaged or broken.

Step 4

Allow the washing cycle to complete. Listen to the water drain out of the machine after the washing process is complete. You must wait till the tub is empty. Once there is no water in the washer, the tub must start spinning rapidly. If the tub does not rotate, it indicates that the clutch is broken.

Step 5

Listen to the spin action of the washer. If you hear intermittent slowing of the wash or spin cycle accompanied by a change in motor humming, it indicates that clutch may be broken or worn out.

Step 6

If you hear squeaks emanating from the machine tub during the wash or spin cycle, it indicates that something is not normal with the machine and the clutch may be broken.

Useful Tips

A problem in the clutch is not easy to diagnose. When there are minor problems in the clutch, there may be no visible problem with the machine. However, if your clothes are wet even after the spinning cycle is complete; it indicates that the machine clutch is about to fail. The clothes are wet because the spinning action does not have enough power to remove water from the clothes.

A Word of Caution

Don’t try to hold the lid switch when you check the condition of the machine or during the troubleshooting process. Activating the switch can make it easy for you to identify the exact cause of the problem. However, you could get easily injured when you come into contact with moving internal parts.

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