How To Fix A Dryer That Won’t Start?

Like any other household appliance, the dryer is also a crucial part of our life. They are practically useful in the winter months when we need to dry our clothes quickly. There are different types of dryers available in the marketplace, depending on your need and budget. Your life can become a little difficult if you have a dryer that does not start. Ideally, you would call a dryer technician to solve the problem. However, if you want to save a few bucks, here are details of parts that are likely to cause this issue. You can check the condition of these parts in your home and replace them, if necessary.

technician checking the dryer with digital multimeterDoor Switch

The door switch is a safety device that allows the machine to tumble only when you close the door. If the appliance doesn’t start when the door is closed, it indicates that door switch is damaged. The switch is typically located behind the front panel. You can use a multimeter to check the continuity of the switch. The test must be conducted between the terminals marked “NO” and “C”. The reading of the trial must be zero ohms when the button is depressed.

Thermal Fuse

The fuse is a safety device that prevents overheating. When the temperature inside the machine becomes too hot, the fuse interrupts the power supply to the motor rendering the dryer inoperable. The fuse is about an inch long and is attached to the body of the machine. Some dryers may have more than one fuse to prevent damage to the heating element and blower.

Rotary Switch

The start or rotary switch is located on the central console of the dryer. The switch sends power to the motor which starts the tumbling. If the switch is defective, the dryer will not start. Checking the condition of the switch is easy. All you need is a multimeter to test the continuity.

Drive Motor

The drive motor turns the drum and the blower of the dryer. If the motor is defective, the dryer will not start. At times, it may produce a humming sound, which indicates that the switch or winding is bad. To check the motor, you must remove the drum and the front panel. Since testing the engine involves live voltage controls, it must be done only by dryer service technician. The dryer repairman will visit your house at your convenience, and repair and the service the machine in the shortest possible time. Before calling a technician for dryer repair, make offer their services in commercial and residential areas.

Main Control Board

Most electronic components of the dryer are controlled by the main control board. The board is located in the main control panel of the machine. Visually inspect the board for signs of damage and burn marks. If you notice burn marks on the board or the parts attached to it, it indicates that the board is shorted out. The damaged board cannot be repaired and must be replaced.


This part is located in the control console of the machine. The timer is connected to several gears that turn on and off the electric contacts. It also controls the working of dryer motor, heat motor, and the timer motor itself. You will need a multi-meter to check the condition of the timer. A defective timer will cut the power supply to the motor, which prevents the machine from starting. If the timer is faulty, it must be replaced.

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